Quikchex: Best Ever Solution For HR & Payroll Management


With the improving economic statures and increasing employments from small to mid-scale industries, software too, have come up to simplify our lives. One such name is Quickchex. A small and mid-sized business, due to its size, has different IT requirements and often faces different technical issues. Quikchex is a software helping these enterprises in a number of ways. It is a single platform where, say an HR manager or a Payroll processor, can beautifully execute his/her work like executing the payrolls, processing leaves and reimbursements. The platform has different features which is helping these industries in a great deal.

Quikchex as a Payroll Software

One can input the salary structure and cycles according to the organization’s policies. Quikchex helps in processing payrolls in particular batches, say according to the designation of the employees or according to the projects within the organization. It also has the option to hold the employees’ payments, revise payments and process the incentives. It has the feature of locking in the payrolls and only processing after taking the signature of authorized persons. On making variable payments like incentives, a special reward can be inserted at any point of the month which is automatically synced with the monthly payroll process. Employees can also process medical bills and conveyance expenses by uploading the receipts.

HR Tasking in One Platform

The software helps the HR department to store different documents like employees’ personal information, Bank account details, Tax declaration details, details of salary, employee documents and many more. In short, it manages the whole employee directory. You can access your Quickchex account easily and even control who can access it. The users can upload the company policy documents quite easily. This makes the employees view the recent documents from their service portal.

Quickchex provides insights right from the establishment of the organization to the associated directors, managers, employees, team members as well as the details of different ongoing projects. The software also helps to generate and store letters and documents sent by the organization and employees. You can even manage documents for your employees in a mass-scale and allow them to view the documents and letters. With a social feeder, the organization and its employees can wish birthday, anniversary and events of promotions within the same platform.

Leave Management

The software can customize leave policy by adding different features like weekly offs, yearly holidays, half-pay leaves, commuted leaves, uncommuted leaves, carry over leaves and salable leaves. Through Quickchex mobile apps, employees can directly apply for sick leaves. After the application is done, the software itself sends a notification along with the reason of request to the managers and even provides the higher authorities with the option to accept or deny the leave application.

Attendance Tracking

Through the software’s attendance management system, one can design the entry-exit time, overtime and switching of shifts. With the help of the mobile app or web application, employees can regularise the attendance entries. After the regularisation is done, the software itself sends a notification along with the reason of request to the managers of the employees and also provides them with the options for either accepting or denying the request. Tracking the working hours of individual employees and also the total project hours can also be done through this software. With the help of a list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups associated with the organization, the employee shift timings can be managed. The app also offers its users the facility to use color codings to easily differentiate between shifts and off days. The software also syncs the biometric machine for tracking the attendance.

Performance Culture

The software sets goals to every individual and also tracks their progress. It can also review the goal progress and accordingly rate the employees. Helping you to track your employees via all angles improves flexibility in reviewing their performance. The software can set various goals and achievements for different sets of people which enhances your employees’ ability to perform according to the company requirements. A different set of employees can have multiple goals to perform. Quickchex acts as a performance management tool that helps to control Goal plans through the quick approval processes. The acceptance or rejection of goal plans can also be done through this platform. Performance reports including both of the individual and also of the organization as a whole can be evaluated to get a clear picture to analyze the opportunities for further development.

Expense Management

Through the help of Quickchex’s ESS portal, the employees can apply for expense claims and can also view the status or positions of each. While making an entry for an expense claim, the employee can upload the bill of the expenses made. With the help of this software, an employee can apply for single to multiple expenses and the senior sub-ordinates or the higher authorities can either accept or decline the expense claims. The accounts team processes these claims after reviewing it directly from the employee.

Recruitment System

With Quickchex, a candidate can upload his/her resume and apply to vacant job portals directly from the website. The applicants will be automatically popped to the organization’s system. Quikchex can create as many interviews as required and also in different stages. The software can also create specific job openings in the system according to the requirements of the organization. It also has the function to send customized e-mails according to the different stages of interviews of the hiring procedure.

Quickchex is enabling the HR departments to do more with payroll outsourcing and the statutory compliance services offering pan-India business. It is helping hundreds of businesses manage their employees.