Security And Privacy Two Notes Of Instagram To Follow

Just like with any other social media platforms, Instagram needs to work its way out on the security and privacy. It is true that if you are not careful in social media, chances are high you might be losing your account or can be victims of unwanted scenarios. That’s the last thing you want to do. So, the only hope is to work out on the security measures, to make these options favorable for you all. Other than planning to stormlikes , you need to work hard in protecting your account and that calls for expert help. If you have taken the proper measures, you can start using your IG account without any threat.

The basic security tips to follow:

Instagram is here to show you some easy tricks to follow while creating an account with this platform. Make sure to follow some of those and stay secured from hackers for the long time now.

  • You need to pick up one strong password. For that, there should be a proper combination of minimum 6 numbers, punctuations and letter marks. It has to be unique and different from other passwords over the internet.
  • If you can, then make sure to change the password regularly. If Instagram is telling you to do so, then you must perform the task. During some of the automated security check, IG helps in recovering login information as stolen from other sites.
  • Even if you trust someone, try not to share your password with that person. For extra safety measures, you can turn the two-factor authentication measure on.
  • You have to secure your email account as well. If anyone can access your email, chances are high that they might be able to access IG account too. So, make sure to change the passwords for all email accounts.
  • Whether you are using IG on phone or on your computer, remember to log out of it when not in use. It is really important as you never know who might be using the system after you.

Going for the IG account types:

There are mainly two types of IG accounts, private and public. Public accounts are those open for everyone to follow and view content. So, everything that gets posted on the public account will remain open for all. But, in terms of private account, you have the right to control people who might be able to see your account. For your own security measures, it is always mandatory to turn account private, unless you are marketing for a brand. Then public account is quite a clever choice.

Encryption mode to consider:

Encryption will scramble up messages so that if they ever get intercepted while getting delivered, they won’t be read. Most of the messaging services are using such level of encryption and there are various types to it. However, IG fails to use this mechanism, which is a serious concern among some users. If everything goes well according to plan with an ever growing popularity, then IG might be able to introduce this method soon as part of security measures.