Smart Ways to Generate Followers and eCommerce Sales through Instagram

One of the giants in social networking, Instagram, announced that they have reached 1 billion active users monthly, and out of this count, about 300 million now log on daily to this platform and stay active. This puts Instagram as the No.1 social media platform and also at the forefront of social media marketing efforts.

This is a notable statistics provided the fact that about 68% of the Instagram followers now regularly enrage with the brands, which is far higher than any other platform, i.e., the Facebook user engagement with brands is about 32% only. The engagement rate on Instagram is also eight times higher on Instagram than any other social media platform used for marketing.

It could have various impacts on online marketing experts, but there is no doubt about the fact that brands should think seriously about having an Instagram strategy to ensure effective user engagement and results. There is no doubt about the fact that Instagram can bring a good ROI for your business and also could succeed in buying the user mindsets. A study shows that the average value of order through is now $65. If you are looking forward to generating e-com sales through Instagram, then here are some smart ways.

Batch the Instagram marketing efforts and automate

The social networking users like brands and also crave for authenticity to be a part of the conversations and engage. However, if you are trying to create content from scratch to be shared on Instagram, then it could take a huge amount of time and effort to accomplish this goal. Furthermore, you will be finding it a big challenge to respond to the comments and build relationships with the influencers, etc. simultaneously.

So, batching is the process of doing as much marketing tasks as possible in a single sitting than doing it in intervals. This approach can help improve your productivity and also eliminate the transition by keeping you more focused on the given tasks. It will also help you to get real Instagram followers and more user engagement with your content.

Creating content for the followers

It is essential to post high-quality content in order to ensure engagement with the audience. You may try to get to on to work with tools like Pablo or Canva and build content worthy content for the users around the relevant hashtags. While posting images, the recommended size is 1080 x 1080 pixels, and also the captions should be made 2200 characters long.

Pre-schedule the content

An expert suggestion is to schedule content worth a month. You may not want to water time by simply logging into the Instagram account each hour. It is possible to prepare and pre-load the content to be posted in frequent intervals by using marketing tools like Latergramme. Doing so will ensure that you always keep your profile active and fill it with the most relevant updates at frequent intervals to get the audience hooked to your content.

Along with these, you should also try to allocate more time to effectively engagement with the followers and also try to make it effortless to engage with your content to go through the sales funnel and buy from you.