The Future of Writing Apps

Writing Apps

The article highlights the importance of writing apps in the present and the near future. It also depicts the latest trends app developers are working on to add in the writing apps to make the future of writing apps glorifying.

To become a writer is not an easy task. Most people think writing content mostly revolves around inspiration and ideas. But to be a good writer takes much more than that. Practice and Precision.

A good writer spends his time perfecting his craft, practicing turning ideas and inspiration into words until it becomes perfection. Most of the businesses in the current world use digital platforms like websites and social media for the marketing of their products. These websites and social media cannot run successfully without good content.

Luckily, the app industry has provided us with some tools to assist aspiring writers these days to help them improve their writing process. There are some of the best writing apps present in the App market.  Some of them are free to download. Some of them need to be purchased.

Here is a list of depicting ways by which writing apps will rule the world in the near future –

1. Writing Apps will Assist in Removing the Writer’s Block

Writing is not an easy task. The term used to depict this is “the writer’s block”. It is the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to get ideas to write content.

The app industry has developed an app named as Brainstormer. It helps writers to combat creative blocks and spark new ideas to open the creative mind of the writers.

It helps by manipulating and spinning the content. You can generate combinations that make fantastic creative prompts for writing.

Such kinds of writing apps can help you to get your creative juices flowing again. Sometimes getting stuck in one place makes a writer lose his enthusiasm.

The app developers are determined to create more such kind of apps in the coming years.

2. Writing Apps will Incline Towards the Visual Description

By 2020, there will be an escalation in the inclusion of visual description in the writing apps.

The writers need apps that will assist in organizing their ideas in an easy to follow format. These apps will prove to be very helpful for imaginative thinkers.

The app developers have started to create such kind of writing apps. One such app is MindNode.

MindNode is a mind mapping app that creates a visual representation of your idea. It allows you to organize and share your thoughts in an intuitive way. The interface allows you to generate and connect thoughts together, no matter how big or complicated.

Being able to see your ideas in front of you makes it much easier to visualize them and connect otherwise unrelated topics. This app also allows you to color code, highlight and customize the text.

3.The Development of Content Tracking Apps

The art of writing is an everyday business for writers. Are you tired of losing and assembling your write-ups?

If this is the case, the app industry is coming up with various apps that will assist you in assembling the write-ups.

You may need to publish hundreds of articles to different publishers. It gets pretty tough to track all of your submissions. The writers need an app to manage their content.

One of such apps present in the industry is the Story Tracking app. This app is a must-have for freelancers. Story Tracker app keeps track of your submitted stories, novels, poems, scripts, and articles.

Many magazines, journals, or other markets for your work don’t allow repeated submissions. It’s easy to forget where you had submitted your work when you are dealing with hundreds of stories.

Not only you can keep track of your submissions, but you can also view the total income earned for each write-up and add details for each market, including title, genre, editor, deadline and more.

4. Multiplatform Writing Apps

Writers need writing apps that they can use anytime and anywhere. In the current fast-paced life, people prefer using portable devices like mobile phones and tablets while they travel and avoid carrying heavy devices like laptops.

So, users need apps that can run on all platforms- devices, browsers, and software.

The future of writing apps will experience the launch of multiplatform apps that would work on all platforms and operating systems such as ios, Android and more. One such a productive app is the Evernote app.

The app allows you to take note whenever and wherever an idea comes to your mind, create-to-do-lists, and save things you find online into Evernote.

Why you need it?  This app is a game-changer for anyone who wants to get works done. Easy to share content with friends on social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or share the URL to the clipboard. Not only that, it syncs all content and updates between your phone, tablet, and computer automatically.

5. Apps that Galvanize the Writing Experience

Writing experience is definitely going to reach greater heights in the coming times. Writers need a motivation to write and complete an article, report or essay in a limited time to meet the deadlines.

The writing app developers are concentrating on creating on developing apps to overcome this problem faced by the users.

One such app is Write Or Die. Write Or Die is the app that will help push you through your writer’s block by applying consequences if you procrastinate, ranging from a disapproving cat staring at you, to disastrous with Kamikaze mode. The Reward Mode of this app offers you rewards when you complete a certain number of words.

Sometimes to get yourself to work, you need a little bit of push and severity!


The app industry is working on creating apps that will reach new heights in the coming times. These apps will take care of all the aspects needed in writing.

By incorporating the above-mentioned features, the writing apps are definitely going to rule the world in the coming years. Most businesses today run by websites and blogs. The wide range of traffic they receive through blogs comes from good write-ups and content. It is very crucial to add the above-mentioned features in the future trends of writing apps.