Which technologies have enabled gaming to reach new heights?

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When it comes to the entertainment sector, we have seen many positive disruptions in recent times. As a result, one of the most significant sectors in entertainment now is gaming. This industry encompasses everything from video games to online casino games and eSports. It has seen an impressive rise in popularity over the last few decades and now generates hundreds of billions per year in revenue.

A major reason for gaming’s recent growth is the technologies that underpin it. Even a brief look at the latest console or PC titles will show the array of awesome tech that powers them. The same is also true for casino games online. The best NetEnt online casinos run on innovative internet platforms and contain games with the best graphics and sound. If playing casino games is your thing, just remember to check out NetEntcasino.com first to find the best sites to play at and the latest game reviews.

But what are some of the technologies which have helped gaming reach new heights?

Latest chips and processors in gaming systems

There is no doubt that what is found inside gaming systems warrants a mention. This applies to the whole gamut of machines – from consoles to the latest PCs and smartphones. The latest iPhone 12 specs are a great example of this and show how the tech in these devices has pushed mobile play to new levels. The screen on this phone, for example, is a Super Retina XDR OLED model with Dolby Vision and HDR10 functionality. It also comes loaded with 5G connectivity.

That makes playing games (such as online slots or hyper-casual mobile titles) on a modern smartphone like this super smooth with crystal-clear visuals. The same is true for the latest game’s consoles and PCs. The Xbox Series X system, for example, contains Dolby Atmos tech with high-end speakers for sharper sound and a much better playing experience.

3D graphics and ray tracing

While the new heights gaming has hit recently is thanks mainly to how sophisticated modern gaming systems are, the tech that studios use when producing games also helps. In terms of looks, 3D graphics have been a real high point for game development.

The shift to this visual style has allowed titles to become more realistic and more immersive. A specific example of this is ray tracing in the latest games. This is a rendering technique that uses the newest software to trace the path of light as pixels on an image plane. The overall result is games that offer much more to players and look truly amazing.

Cloud-based tech for gaming

It would be hard to talk about how tech has changed in the last few decades without mentioning the Cloud. This online way of gaming has made a massive impact on everything from casino gaming online to playing multiplayer video games over the internet. Not only has the Cloud made gaming more accessible than ever, but it has also allowed it to be a truly social experience. As Cloud-based gaming services (such as Google Stadia) look set to rocket in popularity, this online way of gaming is set to enable the industry to hit even greater heights.

VR and AR tech

While the latest speakers in a laptop can help online casino games sound better and the high-end processing chips in consoles make them play better, these technologies have made the whole experience of gaming take a giant step forward. That has helped bring more people into gaming and has also seen the very notion of what games offer challenged.

AR stands for Augmented Reality, where virtual elements from a game are placed into your real-world setting. The most famous example of this tech in gaming is Pokémon Go, and the runaway success of this title shows how AR tech has helped gaming reach new levels. VR stands for virtual reality, and players don VR headsets to enter a 100% virtual world. VR gaming has been on a steady rise and the possibilities this tech offers to the industry is also helping it progress.

Tech has been vital for gaming’s growth

Technology is more important than ever in society. From the various types of cryptocurrency to e-commerce, we could not live our modern lives without it. Gaming is no different, and tech has enabled it to grow massively in recent times. Gaming can keep up with what players want and give them genuinely remarkable experiences by using the latest technologies to evolve.