Why Should You Opt for Voice Search Optimization for Your WordPress Site?

Voice Search Optimization

Are you still using the same old way of searching for information on the internet? Do you think there is a need for openness to new communication methods?

As technology has improved with time, people have started to explore more modern and faster ways to communicate and search for relevant information. Telegraphs set the tone for the modern era which was soon replaced by telephones. Next, organizations started to utilize fax which was dethroned by the craze of internet. Back to present, we are seeing the age of smartphones slowly setting the tone for the future.With the successful adoption of each of these changes, we have changed our interpersonal communication style.

Today, people prefer speaking instead of writing. This can all be attributed to the evolution of artificial intelligence. It has brought about a significant change in the way people interact with each other. At present, we are seeing voice-controlled virtual assistants being employed in everyday life. People have started to utilize the voice search on tablets to search for information. Alternatively, they are even using voice assistants to find information online. You will be surprised to know that till date, a staggering number of roughly 420 million voice assistants have been sold. (Can you believe it?) Today, voice technology manages 1 billion Google searches every month.

By the year 2020, half of the searches will be done with the help of voice search. This goes to show how bright is the future of voice search. Even as we write, about 2 in 5 people prefer voice-activated devices and find it to be an integral part of their life. Siri is being used by 19% of users. 55% of the teens and 44% of adults are employing voice searches. Can it get any bigger than this?

Now, that you have understood how voice searches have become more precise and versatile, it is time to contemplate whether businesses should really care about the voice search revolution. Yes, they should! There is no doubt about it. Voice search optimization is the best way to move ahead for small, medium, and large enterprises. It is, in fact, the best way to attract the attention of potential customers. A business person needs to keep a tap on the latest happenings in the field of technology so that they can integrate novel marketing strategies to brand-new searching techniques.

There is no doubt that voice search optimization is the future. However, have you ever contemplated on the thought that the popularity of voice search queries and WordPress technology has risen quite significantly in a steady way. Contemplate on this fact: If both these technologies were to be merged together how fascinating and lethal would be the combination?
We expect voice search and WordPress to continue to evolve in the years to come. Hence, it is imperative to optimize your WordPress website for voice search by employing SEO-related activities. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we have tried to address the question: Why should an organization opt for voice search optimization when it comes to choosing WordPress website development?

Let’s try to find out the answer to this question by looking at several benefits provided by voice search optimization for the WordPress website.

Quality will Always Gain Prominence Over Quantity

Today, a written content between the vicinity of 2000 to 3000 words has a good chance of ranking high in voice searches. However, if you think writing anything in this word range will work, then you are wrong. It can backfire big time! Remember, Google prefers quality content. Google always considers the content that fulfills the requirement of quality content. You will be surprised to know that it does not take into consideration social media signals as a ranking factor. Food for Thought: An engaging content has a better chance of ranking on Google for voice searches.

Quality will Always Gain Prominence Over QuantityQuality will Always Gain Prominence Over Quantity

HTTPS Certificate is Considered for Ranking a Voice Search

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is the technology that keeps the internet connection secure. It is a helpful tool that assists in securing the sensitive information that is transferred between two systems in such a way that WordPress malware or attacks cannot read or alter the information. On the other hand, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a URL that is displayed when the SSL secures the website.

HTTPS is considered as a top priority to rank for voice searches. You will be amazed to know that roughly 70% of the Google home pages are safeguarded by HTTPS prefix. So, if you are planning to create a WordPress website keeping it secured with HTTPS is the right way to get it noticed by Google.

Consider Page Speed as a Vital Ranking Factor

If you are searching for any content, or any information on Google Search engine, chances of spending less than 2 seconds on finding the right match are higher. Quick speed and fast results are the lethal winning combination. Today, page loading speed is considered to be a vital component in mobile search ranking signals. Various voice searches have been developed on mobile and other devices.

You will be surprised to know this: The approximate Time to First Byte (TTFB) of voice searches is 0.54 seconds. Website speed is essential in the way your content appears on the voice search results. Use a tool like Page Speed to get useful insights into whether the loading time of your website is enough or not. For voice search optimization, page speed comes on high priority. So, if you are in any doubt, avail the services of the right WordPress agency to get the desired benefits for your site.

Large Tail Keywords

If you search for content employing a voice assistant, the very first thing you do is to present as if you are speaking to a human. It is, therefore, logical to think that short-term keywords are best for search. However, long-tail keywords can give you prompt results, especially if it is a voice search query. So, from an SEO point of view, if you are asking questions, i.e., voice query, it should seem more natural. Employ tools like Serpstat search optimization and Answer the Public to work perfectly fine for your target audience. It is essential to use a keyword/phrase that best describes the subject of the content.

Think About Mobile Optimization Seriously

It is vital to provide a better mobile experience for voice search optimization. It has been estimated that roughly 30% of the searches in the year 2020 will be executed without a screen. This is a big thing! When it comes to search engine ranking, Google takes mobile optimization quite seriously. It provides special tools through which you can perform mobile testing for websites/web pages.

Featured Snippets

Featured Snippet section is a significant factor for voice search optimization. You will be amazed to hear this: Roughly, 40% of the voice searches have been answered with the help of featured snippets. You can get a precise answer to your queries in a uniform format. On top of this, you should also scrutinize whether your website is ranking on top of Google SERPs.

Taking a Final Call!

Voice search has become a revolution as we write. Because of its massive improvement with time, today, major organizations are devising a content strategy for major brands to sustain in this growing web world. Voice search optimization has brought about a significant change in the way you connect and communicate with customers. It is excellent to improve customer relationship management as the years roll by. Remember, technology is not going to wait for you. It is time for you to get your house in order right away! If you need any help in integrating voice search optimization for your WordPress site, get in touch with a professional WordPress development service in the USA today!