5 Amazing Islands in the USA you Need to Visit

Amazing Islands in the USA

The US is blessed with so many different attractions for tourists. Although most tourists visit the US itself, there is an untapped vacation hotspot in the county: its islands. The US is home to so many islands that it may be hard to pick one or convince yourself to visit one. These islands have a variety of activities that you cannot get anywhere else in the US. It will allow you to have access to the calm of the open waters and so many other leisure activities you must try. In this piece, we will cover 5 of the most Amazing islands you must visit in the USA.

Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a small island measuring 5 miles in width and 12 miles in length. The island is packed with various restaurants, beaches, trails, and shopping destinations. The island is well packed and has something for everybody. Hilton Head is located in South Carolina, and it’s most famous attraction is its golf course, which is highly rated by golf fans in the US. Other fantastic attractions on the island include tennis facilities, natural vegetation, and nature: clear skies and exotic birds for bird watching and biking trails. Head over to this island today and engage in so many fun and leisurely activities that you would love.


Hawaii is made up of various distinct and individual islands, each with its attractions. This island is located up north, and it is one you must visit. It is considered to be the most chilled and relaxing island among all the islands which make up Hawaii. With filing trails, a boat ride, Waimea Canyon, and helicopter rides, you will have a great time exploring and having fun. The island gives visitors a calm and relaxing environment, enhanced by trees and the sound of water. Visitors can relax in this calming and soothing environment free from the noise of the city. Go to Kauai today and enjoy all Hawaii has to offer.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the most popular islands in us. It is an unincorporated US territory, which means that a passport isn’t required to visit this Island. Some of its attractions include lush vegetation, beaches, white sand, and crystal clear blue waters. Visit Puerto Rico today and enjoy its hospitality with great food and people, and while you are on the island, you should endeavor to take a trip down to San Juan, the capital city. The city is full of rich heritage and attractions, which include the Bacardi Rum plant, which you absolutely must visit.

San Juan Island

San Juan Island is a remote island with lush forests and a beautiful environment. Visitors should note it is not a tropical destination so that they can come without their sunscreen. If you enjoy wildlife and vegetation, you will have a swell time on this island. Swimming, kayaking, and whale watching at the Lime Kiln Point State Park are just some of the exciting activities this Island has for you. San Juan has a walkable area with attractions guests would love, including museums, historical sites, marinas, and eye-feeding views. Do not forget to visit the nearby pelindaba Lavender Farm to pick up a fragrance for you and your loved ones. San Juan is one Islam you should visit when you are in the US.

St John, US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands are the crown jewel of Islands in the US. St John is the third-largest Virgin Island in the US. It is less populated and less commercialized than its larger neighbour St Thomas. This makes the island more intimate and friendly. It is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and over 11,000 Acres of St John island have been designated as a National Park. The remote and quiet beaches, hiking and walking trails, beautiful roadways, underwater gardens, and lush forest area make this Island almost irresistible. Visit St John today and enjoy the beauty that is St John. We are sure you will love it.

To visit the US from a visa-exempt country, you will need to make use of an ESTA visa. This visa allows you to visit the country without needing a traditional visa. The system was set up to control the flow of citizens from visa-free countries so the US government can have clear records of who goes in and out of the country. Applications can be done online, and results should be expected within 72 hours. Applicants can use the website to check ESTA status and confirm if they have been approved or not. Remember to fill out the online form with the correct details before submission to avoid rejection. If you are visiting the US, ensure you have all the documents you need to avoid run-ins with the authorities.