A Quick Guide to Luxury Charters on The French Riviera

Whether you’re a foodie interested in world-class restaurants, a beach devotee wanting picturesque beaches or an adventurer searching for a challenging hike through beautiful natural vistas, the French Riviera is the perfect place to visit. If you’re planning to experience a few of the gorgeous port towns that make up the Riviera, there’s no question that the perfect way to visit them is through a luxury yacht charter. With so many unique places to experience, in this article we cover a few of the lesser known towns to give you an even greater insight into how truly wonderful this slice of the Mediterranean is.

Places commonly looked over on the Riviera

While Monaco and Cannes are common draws for people looking into luxury yacht rental in France (and for good reason) there are quite a few underappreciated gems that people should perhaps look into exploring instead. Nestled between Nice and Monaco, the medieval port town of Villefranche-Sur-Mer is one such destination. Set into cliffs that emerge dramatically from the sea below, the cobblestone streets of Villefranche-Sur-Mer transport visitors back to another age as they stare in awe at buildings hundreds of years old. Eze is another town on the Riviera that harks back to another age – the oldest building in the village, the Chapelle de la Sainte Croix, dates back to 1306, and it was here that those in charge of giving assistance to plague victims held meetings. History buffs might also look into travelling to San Raphael, a charming old beachside town known historically as the port Napoleon Bonaparte landed in 1799 upon his return from Egypt. If you’re more interested in the wine of the region, the vineyards of Bandol are renowned for their Côtes de Provence rosé wines – even if you don’t have enough time to stay and sample, make sure to take a few bottles back to your yacht to enjoy later.

A destination accessible to everyone

With so many places to see on a beautiful France yacht charter, you would probably be surprised that there is no bad time to take a luxurious trip down the French Riviera. The unique climate of the French Riviera is perhaps one if its biggest drawcards – warm sunny days are experienced all year round, making a charter trip here ideal at any time. This amazing weather results from the unique position of the French Riviera in relation to the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps, effectively creating a micro-climate that is the envy of neighbouring countries – after all, where else in the Mediterranean can you comfortably eat a relaxed outdoor lunch in January? For charterers interested in water sports, make sure to head to the Riviera during summer months for a very pleasant water temperature that typically sits in the mid-20s.

Make the beautiful French Riviera your next holiday destination Flanked by the Alps and the sparkling coastline, those embarking on a luxury yacht charter along the French Riviera will find a lot to love. With so many places to travel, whether it be medieval villages or chic boutiques, tailoring your trip along the French Riviera to your interests is a breeze. With days spent enjoying natural beauty, eating incredible food or spending time shopping and relaxing, the French Riviera is sure to please avid charterers.