Best Places To Visit Throughout The Year 2020


Now 2019 is going to end soon, and with its departure, our primary focus would be shifted to 2020. As soon as the New Year starts, we spend most of our time thinking about the things of the New Year. Some people are ambitious about getting good grades in college, while others can only imagine about the increment in their salary. However, some passionate people only have the New Year travel plan in their minds.

If you are also among the people who are crazy about exploring the world in 2020 then this piece is for you. Our planet is big, and there are thousands of places to choose from. To make your task easy, we have come up with a month-by-month travel guide for the next year. Just give this piece a thorough read, and your plan for the next year is ready!


Don’t you think that the right way to start 2020 is with a celebration? Numerous places welcome the New Year with traditional zeal, and it is vital for the travel enthusiasts to spend the month of January on these bustling places. You can let yourself loose in the Philippines where the Ati-Atihan festival honors Santa Nino. The enigmatic tribal dance and games are the hallmarks of this amazing festival.

More importantly, New Zealand and Australia are the first places where the New Year starts. So, you can either join the Sydney festival or go to Auckland to observe the annual spectacle.


Since you must be feeling exhausted after participating in the New Year Celebrations, it’s time to fight the fatigue with sparkles and lights. In February, Taiwan hosts some of the biggest festivals, including Beehive Festival and Pingxi Sky Festival. In the former one, thousands of firecrackers are launched into the crowds, thus creating a sparkling ambiance. Similarly, the latter festival boasts the millions of lanterns carrying vows and prayers of Taiwanese people. You can also observe the first signs of spring by visiting the European destinations, including museums in Paris and sopping stalls in Czech.


March is a month between the Christmas and Easter crowds, and it is a perfect time for cheap flight tickets. Since March is also the month of spring, you will find the multicolored flowers wherever you go. The Douro Valley in Portugal is the most visited attraction in March. It is popular not only for its pretty landscapes but also for the blossoms on almond trees that bring the entire region to life. At the end of the month, you can admire the beauty of Loktak Lake, which is the largest freshwater basin in India and also the world’s only floating national park.


In April, the cities of Europe come out of hibernation as spring warms in the Mediterranean. If you go to Japan in this season, you will explore the blooming cherry blossoms in the areas of Tokyo and Hiroshima. Moreover, never forget to get wet in Bangkok which celebrates the Thai New Year Songkran with remarkable pomp. Likewise, you can participate in a water battle in Ukraine or Easter Monday. Lastly, if you are in London, then don’t be surprised to hear cannons since April is the month for Royal Gun Salutes. People living in the Lahore city of Pakistan can explore the beauty of London by booking Lahore to London flights.


May time is the playtime. And the best place to play is when you can find the spring sun. Going to the Islands with a little sunshine will be an unforgettable experience for the whole year. Furthermore, you can also pack your hiking boots and climb the mountains to observe the unique sunset. May is a great time to visit roaring waterfalls of Yellowstone and Niagara. Conclusively, you would be among the lucky ones if you witness how shadows disappear during Lahaina Noon in Mauna Kea.


Summer has finally arrived, and you cannot miss the summer holidays before the school opens up again! If you want an epic trip of your life, then go to the White Nights Festival in St Petersburg, where the city buzzes with music and opera and where the sun does not set. For an excellent city break, experience the midnight sun and blue hours in Denmark. Likewise, the hiking in the Faroe Islands and timber rafting in Sweden will give you out of the world feelings.


July is superb for the people who are obsessed with wildlife. Head to Brazil to exclusively observe the Jaguars, or visit Australia’s Kangaroo Island to see the newborn Kangaroos. Besides, Svalbard is awash with arctic creatures in July, and going there would dazzle you for good. Mongolia is the best place to experience the wonderful life as July welcomes various festivals including the Naadam Festival where men show off their skills of wrestling, archery and horse racing. Meanwhile, there is a Boryeong Mud Festival in South Korea where adults behave like kids indulging in mud swimming and mud wrestling.


August is an ideal month to witness the humpback whales off the Sainte-Marie cost of Madagascar. The month is also perfect for spending the night parties in Vancouver. You can head to Sicily to get the exposure of San Sabastinao celebration with alluring confetti. August is also an ideal moment to explore Indonesia as you will meet Komodo dragons and swim with jellyfishes in Kakaban Lake. However, if you are after snow in August, then the ski conditions in the snowy mountains of Australia will satiate your hunger.


Some people say that September is a new January, implying that the time is opportune for new beginnings and adventures. September is the best month to go to Santorini and Ibiza, given the pristine sunshine, quieter beaches, and lower prices. The last week of September brings the joys of Oyster Festival in Ireland where the oyster harvest is celebrated with parades and Champagne. Similarly, Hermanus is only a two-hour drive from Cape Town, where you will watch the world’s best land-based whale festival. Just come here in the last days of September, and you will meet southern whales breaching close to the shore. 


Autumn can be a mighty thing. It can be a dreamy fragrance of pumpkins and leaves, or it might be a fine time to explore new Aussie cuisine. In Europe, October is also termed as the month of pumpkins given that more than 450,000 pumpkins are put on display in the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival in Germany. In Australia, you will be able to witness the world’s happiest animal living on Rottnest Island. However, if you want to completely get lost in nature, then explore the cranberry fields or go to the Island in Utah.


November is the best month to explore the combination of fewer crowds and pleasant weather of Dubai. In November, various airlines offer discounts for Lahore to Dubai ticket price; so it is the most appropriate time for the people of Lahore to go there. Apart from Dubai, you can also see the celebrations of death in Mexico that are popular for the fabulous music and dance. Furthermore, you can also join the Gypset on this coast surf town where vintage surfboard shops and brightly painted design boutiques will overwhelm you.

 Surprisingly, the mainland of Europe shivers in November, but Portugal remains enviably mild. Take some time to explore the hive of refreshing restaurants, covetable stores, and loud bars.


There comes the peak of winter where most of the destinations are in their prime. You can check out the talking Christmas Lamp in Malmo or go to Iceland for illuminated gravestones. Venice is the floating city of Italy that is always crowded with tourist. However, December is the only month when you will find tranquility in the watery streets of this city. You would celebrate your fortune if you get the chance to stay at the Aman Venice, the most luxurious hotel in the world.

Similarly, the Russian capital Moscow will never betray you in the winters of 2020. Do some rounds in St Basil, and spot the opera at Bolshoi Theatre.


We have outlined all the places that will magically enhance your exposure to traveling. You would never go astray if you properly follow our organized plan. If you have any questions regarding this article, never hesitate to express your ideas in the comments section below.