Romania –An Endless Love Affair with Nature that will last a lifetime!

Saying Romania is a beautiful place is an understatement. The place imbibes a wealth of natural splendor that it just cannot be alliterated. You cannot get enough of the mountains, the deep forests, and brilliance in the sunshine. The local legends and folklores take a different shape here. People are welcoming, and there is magic in every nook and corner. Many places resemble the sketch of some playful artist with a burst of shiny colors.

So, if you are planning to go on a trip abroad to witness nature in its untarnished forms, visit Romania. For the adventurers, this place is heaven. You can enjoy trekking, mountain climbing, and camping. There lots of historical places and castles to explore.

Let us find more about Romania as a tourist attraction.


The place is an outstanding tourist attraction that is home to the wooden churches. There are around 300 churches that were built in 200 years. All of them were built with wood as the rulers at that time refused the locals to build churches with long-lasting materials. Out of all these churches, only 100 are left. Most of the churches are Orthodox. A few are Greek Orthodox as well. The unique elongated roofs are renowned for their architectural finesse. The interiors have the murals that were hand-painted back then.

Danube Delta

This is a paradise for nature lovers. This is the largest preserved river delta in the European Continent and is home to some of the most exotic fauna. You must bring your binoculars to explore the beauty in the best manner. Around 30 species of migratory birds can be found enjoying in flocks. Wolves, bears and wild cats can also be spotted.

The Mud Volcanoes of Berca

There are mud volcanoes in Buzau County that are a must-visit place. They are one of the most unusual geological formations that you have ever seen. The mud keeps oozing from the craters with occasional ‘pop’ sounds and splatters reaching 20 feet in height. You can reach the volcanoes after a hearty walk. The surroundings are beautiful, and you must capture some nice pictures.

Bran Castle in Transylvania

Though the castle has been associated with the famous vampire –Dracula, there is no evidence that state that Bram Stoker knew about the place. This is a castle located on the hillside in Brasov that dates back to the medieval ages. The castle forefront is impressive and looks imposing with the trees. You can also stroll in the museum that showcases the belongings of Queen Maria. There is an open-air museum that showcases the peasant buildings of Romania. However, you must spend a night in Brasov. Plan your bookings with the Goibibo hotel coupons to make your experience as good as it can be!

Sighisoara Historic Centre

This little town is painted with bright candy colors. The old town areas are magical, and you will find it impossible to stop clicking pictures. The cobbled streets and ancient lamps outside the doors will make you feel as if you have traveled into the past. This town is also the birthplace of Vlad – the Impaler. Every July, this town becomes a destination for the Rock Musicians and hosts the music festival.

Peles Castle

This is one of the most beautiful sights in Romania. The castle is beautiful and sits on Carpathian Hill. Surrounded by sloping hillside, forests and imposing mountains, this is a must-visit place in Romania. King Carol I in the 1860s built the castle. The castle appears like a perfect fairytale and will fill your hearts with thrill. There is a vast collection of 4000 weapons in the castle that is open for the visitors.

Plate Mare or the Big Square

If you are a movie fanatic, you will certainly remember the scene from Raaz Reboot that was shot here. This is a big square where you can find people hanging out. There are many medieval buildings in the square that you can explore. The square has served as a cereal market, gathering place for the locals and even the place for beheadings. So, it has quite a lot of history to be explored.

Biertan Fortified Church

If there is one place in Romania that deserves a stay of 2-days at least, then this is it! You must plan an extended stay here and enjoy long strolls in the nearby areas. The church has a big campus, and the surrounding scenery is heavenly. You must not miss this attraction. If you are lucky, then you can witness the place in the sunshine after a rain shower. It becomes magical and feels like Eden! One unique aspect about this church is the prison for the husbands that wanted divorce back in the era. Well, you can surely click some wonderful pictures here. Spend some time exploring the green meadows and relax!

Transylvanian Alps

For adventure lovers, Alps is heaven. For nature lovers, Alps is Mecca. And, for every other traveler, Transylvanian Alps are mandatory! The scenery here gets breathtakingly beautiful and impressive. You will be amazed by the natural scenery here in any weather. Mount Moldoveanu is one of the most famous tourist hotspots where you can enjoy hiking in summers and skiing in winters. There is a Gothic Castle as well where you can dive deep into the mythical world of Vampires! You can plan your accommodations and transit with the Goibibo offers to explore Romania without burning your pockets.

Salina Turda

It is an ancient storehouse that has been used to store almost anything; from cheese to bombs! Currently, it is serving as a Sci-Fi theme park and is a must-visit place in Romania. The ambiance is amazing and mystical. The lighting and everything about the décor of this place make it full of mystery and add to its charm.

So, these are our top picks from Romania. If you are traveling alone, we suggest avoiding the far-flung areas where facilities for accommodation get scant. The language might not be a problem as many people can understand English. You can also find budget stay options in Romania.

So, when are you visiting Romania?