Top 6 Commandments of Travelling: Wherever The Winds May Lead You

Our planet, Earth, seems like a dot in the universe.

The universe is so vast no one can interpret how far it goes. When it comes to travelling one might say it seems endless like the universe itself.

Elders say blessed are those who are born curious, in the effort of moving and discovering the unknown is what makes them successful in their lives. Hence travel can undo lots of secrets hidden that you can unravel fold by fold.

Before saying no to travelling to unknown lands one should know the vitality of it and how it might affect you.

What Do You Seek for During Travelling?

Many of you travel around the world for whatever calling they feel for. For some it is the planned holiday, it could be a spiritual journey or for some, it is how they live life.

To better understand the phenomenon, you need to understand the basic rules of travelling one should follow and are unavoidable at every cost.  

Travelling Makes You Happy!

You can’t deceive happiness in any way. Be blissful in the hours of anxiety, it calms your wits and soils you to ground while you fly soaring high in the sky. It a balm to soothe all the pain away. That’s how many feel about going on a holy journey like on Umrah Journey or Hajj Journey. Many claim it to be peaceful, soul reliving time for a person when he is near to his Creator.

Such experiences bring drastic changes in you.

Leads you to Right Direction

You may live in one corner of the world while your heart thirsts for the opposite pole. Let it go, travel so that you remember what it feels like to let go of any worldly worry. Believe it, you will feel so much better and the feeling of emptiness will thrust away.

Making a journey no matter how short, lets you decide, take control of the decision when you want to go, how you want to travel, etc. making you in charge for the entire way.

Best Way to Learn

Something you need to remember by; who lives to travel, lives to see another world with a new set of eyes. You are not the same person anymore; it changes you brings out the best in you just like you feel it when going on an Umrah journey. You let go of worries and learn what is best for you. Sometimes we hold to those things that hurt us the most but in reality, we are in denial.

Breathing in the fresh air will make you realize which way to go to.

Getting oriented with other civilizations, their cultures and traditions help you to become aware of the growing world around you. Living in the defensive four walls of your home is not going to keep you safe. Ships are safe in the harbors but it is not what they are built for, are they?

Nurture Yourself

With time we forget how to express ourselves. In this digital age, we are lost on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that has created far worse realities and unfortunately, people are eager to follow in the footsteps. Say no to it! 

Take a step in the real world and see for yourself what you have been missing so far. As the food is the supplement for the human body, travelling is vital for our soul and peace of mind. Losing ourselves to fake personalities and fake online worlds will cause depression and nothing else. Make yourself a priority in the sea of Instagrammer, they can’t see the real world like you will do when you let your spirit for travelling to take hold of you.  

Remembering these small distinct factors can help us during the journey, but foremost the other three factors will help motivate you more during your travelling experience.

Spirituality Plays Role in Travelling

Majority people relate spirituality with religion. It might be in some cases relatable but spiritualty is an entirely different concept.

Once you learn to observe, accept the realities, it brings changes in you. Accepting who you are, your past and present, your future will change concerning it. Spirituality can influence any person. And travelling simply leads you towards it.

Like in Islam people go on hajj journey and one thing every pilgrim had to say was as well as their heart might have stopped when they saw Makkah and were able to touch Kaaba. The experience is extremely overwhelming (in a good way though) and they can feel a remarkable difference in who they were before going on the journey and after.

Age Is No Barrier

Why feel down just because you have crossed your 30s? never underestimate the power of travelling. Who says you have to be a teenager to enjoy a holiday adventure? When there is no age limit to go on holy journeys then there is no age limit for travelling whatever reason it deems necessary. 

Age is not a barrier for us. It’s our mind that bears the fear in us making us hesitant of our decisions. You can’t let it stop you from living the best opportunities in life.

Either you are 50 or in your early 20s, it wouldn’t matter as long as you are living in your heart. Let your inner child take control of you so that you can create wonders for yourself.  why not design a life that you will love to live?

Final Thoughts…

Nothing in this life is ever perfect or can be, but it’s our perspective of how we see it and make others feel about it. Times will be crucial once you start working on it but remember, have faith in yourself, that you can do it!

Freedom waits for everyone

But only a few dare to jump for it

Are you ready to jump for the next best adventure of your life?!

Break the shackles and find the other side of the new world for yourself!