5 Common Problems With iPad Devices

It’s Friday night. You’ve had a long day at work and all you want is to curl up on the couch with your iPad and a blanket and binge-watch shows on your favorite streaming service.

Then the unthinkable happens: your iPad is suddenly on the fritz. When you start having problems with iPad functionality, what can you do to get it working smoothly again? Here are the most common problems with iPad devices you may encounter.

Your iPad Has a Frozen Screen

If you scan message boards or apple’s support forum, you will find scores of users having issues with unresponsive or frozen screens. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact issue of a frozen screen, as there are so many, but the solutions are similar.

First try to reboot your iPad, using the standard power-down method. However, because the screen is frozen and you may not be able to power down with the standard method, you can force restart by holding the home and power buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.

If a device reboot fails to fix the issue, try to restore your backup on iTunes. Be aware all content will be lost since your most recent backup.

Your iPad Won’t Charge

Plugging in your iPad and seeing that it isn’t charging is a terrible feeling. Make sure the cable is plugged in correctly. Next, try plugging in another device to see if the cable is at fault instead of your iPad.

If the cable isn’t the issue, try to restart your iPad to see if that works. If the iPad still is not charging, you may need to contact Apple or look locally and see if they can take a look at it.

Your iPad Is Lagging

A slow running iPad can be incredibly annoying, especially when you’re trying to play a game or stream a movie. First check to see how many apps you currently have running, by double-tapping the home button. Close any apps that you don’t need open.

You may need to free up some space on your device. Uninstall apps that you rarely use and pictures and videos you aren’t planning to keep. You can also clear your cache and search history that is cluttering your space.

Your iPad Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

Occasionally your iPad will have issues connecting or maintaining a connection to a Wi-Fi network. First, reboot the router to see if the issue is with the Wi-Fi itself. Second, check your Wi-Fi settings on your iPad to make sure it is on.

Finally, check to see if your software updates are current. An update may be preventing your iPad from working efficiently. As always, try restarting your iPad if these options aren’t working.

Your iPad Keeps Crashing

Few things are as frustrating as an app or device crashing when you’re in the middle of something. Older iPads are more likely to have this issue yet still happens occasionally with newer models.

Ensure your iOS is up to date and install any new updates needed. Restart your iPad if all updates are current. You may need to factory reset your iPad or schedule an appointment with the Apple store if crashing continues.

No More Problems with iPad

Several of these quick fixes can help you get back to streaming your shows before your friends post spoilers on social media. Still having problems with iPad performance or other device issues? Check out our blog for more articles and ideas on quick fixes.